Bitch I Lost My Vape

This is marker and acrylic on cardboard. It is the first piece I have done for my new concentration, which is still semi-undefined. I have a clear thesis for it in my head, but I am hesitant to put it on paper before working it out through a few more pieces. Starting number two tomorrow ✌🏻


Hollywhite // Heteroworld

This is a big collage of famous actors and actresses. They are portrayed straight characters, as all actors have for most of movie and TV history. They are also all white, and play almost exclusively white characters. When they are playing a character of another race, they did it as a gross stereotype, instead of giving the part to someone actually of that race. Its pretty big, and I’m in love with the colors scheme.

Emma and Lily at the Laundromat

Emma designed all these clothes, we had hundreds of pictures but these are my favorites. The first was edited, the rest are raw. It’d be hard to take bad pictures with clothes like the ones Emma makes, so obviously these turned out great. The location was cool too.


A Spector is Haunting America- The Spector of Christmas Future

Acrylic and collage, model is Lily πŸ™‚



Acrylic and collage, model is Anna πŸ™‚


Queen of the Snowflakes

Gettin in the holiday spirit!! Step one of many in this project, I’m excited for this one!!!


Screenprinting Cowboy

This is sort of a companion piece to Handy Hor-Wal, I wanted to use some more ideas I had and so I combined elements of him with symbols I have used for myself to create a double dynamic self portrait of sorts. I like it and the composition is very different than my other pieces. It has a very commercial vibe which I think is perfect for the piece.