Further Photos of Emma

These are some more Emma creations we also shot today.


Daddy Trump Jeans

I finally got a chance to matt the photos from this shoot, if it were to be displayed it would look like the following but on a wall:

Its good to finally be done but its annoying that it took me this long to get my hands on matt board. Either way, final display is almost exactly what I wanted. If I had unlimited resources I would want the photos printed bigger, but it’s fine as is.


Emma and Lily at the Laundromat

Emma designed all these clothes, we had hundreds of pictures but these are my favorites. The first was edited, the rest are raw. It’d be hard to take bad pictures with clothes like the ones Emma makes, so obviously these turned out great. The location was cool too.


Queen of the Snowflakes

Gettin in the holiday spirit!! Step one of many in this project, I’m excited for this one!!!


Emma x Football

These are for the NFL piece, they’ll be presented along with the jeans themselves. The light was perfect, the lines on the field give a cool perspective effect, I dig it big league. 


Emma in fur at AIMS

Shot at the parking lot of an empty giant office building. The furs are mink, (1950 somthing), the shirt dress is made by Emma. The tanning mirror is made by me 🙂

These are sick and I love them. The building and the sky frame everything really well, and Emma looked fantastic.