Fix Your Headset, Emily! Quick Watercolor

This is a little painting I did in my study hall yesterday. It is based off a courtesy call I got, where the lady on the other end (Emily) was having some issues with her headset. I like it, especially since I did it so quick. I do feel like there is some degree of disconnect between the hair, face, and hands though. It is too subtle to look intentional, so next time I do something like this I have to watch out for that.

Apple Paintings

I cut a bit of this apple off and used food coloring to do lil designs inside… It was a cool first attempt, but the blue and green ended up way too dark. I am going to try this again soon, and put the darker colors on my finger instead of straight onto the apple. I also want to try drawing things in with a toothpick, I think that will make the colors darker along that line. I’ll have an update on this tommorrow!