Edits (They’re pretty much all Emma)

All these photos were taken on my phone, I was bored so I edited a few of them. I think I’m gonna print and mount a few as a series.


Emma in My Jacket

I made this jacket out of old paintings I cut out of their frames. I also lined the seams with ribbon.

Emma made the skirt herself.

Photos taken at the Ferry Ground.


The Big Collage

I’ve wanted a way to show off the pictures I take but I haven’t had any ideas, till now!

I took all my favorites from the pst few months and literally just made a gigantic collage. It is about eight feet by ten feet, and I might do more with it, but I really like it as it is.


Daddy Trump Jeans

I finally got a chance to matt the photos from this shoot, if it were to be displayed it would look like the following but on a wall:

Its good to finally be done but its annoying that it took me this long to get my hands on matt board. Either way, final display is almost exactly what I wanted. If I had unlimited resources I would want the photos printed bigger, but it’s fine as is.


Sunny Sunny Sunny With a 65% Chance


I Stole Your Idea And Did It Better

We had an assignment in art class to take an old piece and re-vamp it. I combined three old pieces and made this. It was a really fun relief piece.